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Good quality Double Wall Paper Cups for sales
Good quality Double Wall Paper Cups for sales
Thanks Vikcy.The products are prefect.We are happy with the cup quality. When there is new order,we would still order from you.

—— David Wild

We recieved the products.Thanks! The cups printing are very nice.Thanks for your kind help.

—— Grace Beck

Thanks my friend.We are glad that we found such a nice supplier. The products are perfect.We would order again soon.

—— Felicia

I love the printing.Besides,the cups are no leakage,no smell.Very good.Thanks.

—— Danae Chow

Thanks for the mail. The cups are very good.Very nice.

—— Robert Merolla

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Raw Paper Area Dust Free Workshop 9 colors Flexo Machine QC Leakage Testing Area Package and Storage Shipping
Raw Paper Area
Dust Free Workshop
9 colors Flexo Machine
Leakage Testing Area
Package and Storage

Raw Paper Area

All our products are made by wooden pulp, we have clean, dry warehouse.And there are tracking information on each roll to trace back easily.

Dust Free Workshop

There are 2 finished products workshops.And this one is the new one,the dust free workshop.

9 colors Flexo Machine

This is our new machine bought about 4 years now.Accurate color matching.Saving ink.Screen color checking.The only one in our paper cups industry.


This is our QC checking the products from each box to assure the products made are super qualified!

Leakage Testing Area

We tested our cups with water every 2 hours.And all the cups tested shall be threw away.The leakage rate is below 0.1%.

Package and Storage

All our outer cartons are 2 layers export standard paper box.And all the export products shall be on the iron tray to protect the products and to be easily loaded to the container.


Our professional warehouse people always try their best to put as more products into the container as possible.And also considering not to damage the products.

  • Production Line

    One semi-finished workshop and two finished workshop with more than 100pcs of cup forming machines,1pc of 6 color flexo print machine,1pc of 9 color automatic water based flexo print machine,2pcs of high-speed PE coating machine,4pcs of automatic die-cutting machine.


    Various sizes and designs for your choose!





    Wuhan Xinhengyue Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.Wuhan Xinhengyue Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.


    What is OEM?


    OEMs are companies which manufacture products based on the product design and specifications provided by their client. The client does all the market research, R&D and develops its own product. But it does not have the manufacturing capability to fulfill the market demand in time, especially if its market is spread across the globe. So it turns to an OEM to do the manufacturing on its behalf. For example Apple spends millions of dollars on R&D and design and creates its own line of products, but gets the products manufactured by Foxconn. In this case Foxconn is an OEM (actually, world’s biggest OEM vendor). Foxconn doesn’t control the product design or it’s specs. They just manufacture them based on the details provided by Apple.


    What is ODM?


    ODMs or Original Design Manufacturers are companies which create new product designs and specifications based on the product idea brief provided by the client. In most cases, ODMs also manufacture the product they design and their clients get the products branded in their own name and sell it them in the market. Let’s say a company has a great idea for a “smart watch” that not only shows time but also acts as a health app measuring heart beat, blood circulation, etc. The company has done its research and knows it can market such a product. But they don’t really know how to design it or have the manufacturing capability to fabricate it. So they turn to an ODM which designs the actual product and manufactures it, to be eventually marketed by the client. ODMs generally provide outsourced product development services, product manufacturing services, complete product life cycle services, etc based on their own capabilities.


    Both OEMs and ODMs aren’t limited to technology, consumer electronics or engineering sector, though they are more common in these sectors because products in these sectors are more design intensive. They are also present in other industries like fashion, footwear, personal grooming, etc


    One should always exercise caution when dealing with both OEMs and ODMs. In the case of OEM, providing them with secret product design and specs over which a company has invested huge amount of time and money can result in breach of intellectual property rights and the product design being stolen by copycats. So you need to work with an OEM that is trustworthy.


    In the case of an ODM, you may have little to no control over product specifications and so you need to set adequate parameters and frameworks within which the ODM needs to work.



    Wuhan Xinhengyue Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

  • R&D

    Testing machines

    1.Fluorescer testing machine

    2.Dust tester

    3.Ash tester

    4.Water content tester

    5.Cup stifiness tester

    6.Bowl stifiness tester

    7.Form cup development


    New product development

    1.foam cup

    2.real gold print coffee cup foil double wall paper cup ripple cup


    Wuhan Xinhengyue Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.Wuhan Xinhengyue Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.Wuhan Xinhengyue Industry And Trade Co., Ltd.

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